Journey PS3 and Austin Wintory

Friday, 30 March 2012 00:00

Cris originally discovered the ocarina through a videogame, and though she still enjoys them, she seldom has time.  Last week she made the time to play through thatgamecompany's Journey.  The ending credits theme "I was born for this" seemed like it would be perfect for the ocarina, so she wrote the game company and asked permission to make an ocarina cover for her youtube channel.  They gave her permission and the composer joined the conversation and enthusiastically provided a backing track as well.

The finished track was included in the composers free music bundle.  You can download the bundle here.

Read more for the video:



Bach to Books Concert

Monday, 15 August 2011 05:58

With nearly 200 people in attendance and 1 in 5 walking away with a CD, the concert was a huge success.   Cris played 55 minutes of music and spoke about ocarina history and gave context about the music for roughly 15.  Performing music from 7 countries, she gave the audience a wonderful tour of the ocarina world and a little bit of an ocarina education.  Even after listening to Cris perform 18 pieces, the audience still wanted more.  After the show, audience members purchased CDs and lined up on stage to have Cris sign them and to learn a bit more about the ocarina.  




CDs are on the way!

Tuesday, 09 August 2011 23:18

The CDs have been shipped.  The jackets are being shipped tomorrow and the stamp for the front and back are being shipped as well.  There are a lot of choices for CD packaging and Cris decided to go with something environmentally conscious and high quality.  Because most CDs end up being ripped or kept in a CD book, she decided to use recycled packaging and forgo the plastic jewel case entirely.  This lowers the carbon footprint not only by using 100% recycled paper, but also reduces shipping weight and the impact of production and shipping of plastics.  While the most "green" way to purchase something is digitally, a lot of people still like to purchase a physical object and this is the best compromise possible.



New Products Coming Soon!

Friday, 05 August 2011 00:44

Cris' debut CD, An Ocarina Overture, is set to release any day now.  The master files and artwork have been sent for production and now it is just a matter of a week or two.  Also, the Aria ocarina is currently en route to the United States.  The next step will be photography, promotion, and an overview.  But wait! there's more.  A 2nd offering of the ocarina shaped 2GB usb drives will be appearing in the shop soon.  They will contain Cris' new album, as well as accompaniment tracks.  The Final thing in development is the ocarina themed t-shirts.  They are still in the art phase, but once the art is finalized, production will begin very soon.

Because of the diversity of the products and as a way of saying thank you to her fans, Cris hopes to create a specially priced bundle of these products, which will include an autographed CD, a t-shirt, a usb drive, and the Aria ocarina.   Pricing has not yet been decided and will be dependent upon supply availability and agreements with her distribution partners.


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