March Updates

This year is flying by!  Since my last update things are progressing nicely.  My harpist and I have decided on "Muses Merry" for our name and are now distributing promotional materials. I'll be adding a page to the website.  Also a friend of mine and I performing together later this week at his company's Celtic festival.  We call ourselves "The Tea Whistlers".  Rehearsals have been a blast and I hope we have more opportunities to play together in the future.

Some visitors may have noticed a new menu category "Hire Princess Zelda".  I've been performing Zelda music for years, but I only just recently made a Princess Zelda costume.  Being an ocarinist, it only makes sense that I'd offer the chance for people to hear real Zelda music from someone dressed as Princess Zelda.  I think I'm the only ocarinist in the world that offers this service, so I'm very hopeful!  I'm planning to approach some children's hospitals / hospice very soon.  I read about this cool guy that dresses as batman and visits kids.  I think I'd like to try to do that too.

In other news, because I'm going to try to add all of these projects to my website, I might have to move some things around.  I'm still trying to figure it out, but I hope to do it soon :)

Thanks for reading