Updates and News for January 2013

I've recently added a few new calendar entries for upcoming performances.  I'll try to be better about posting them as I learn about them.  I am planning a trip to Asia, so a few TBAs are listed.  I'm hoping that as dates are released that I'll be able to add more performances.  Everything is still being figured out, but I'm EXTREMELY excited to go back to Asia. My visit to South Korea for the International Ocarina Festival was amazing and I've been wanting to return ever since.

In other news, my Aria SG has been released and has gotten some great praise and wonderful feedback.  Both it and the Aria SG were successful over the holiday season and sold out a few times.   I'm still designing a few models, so there's hope for even more releases.

Lately, I have been rehearsing with a harpist and we're building a very nice repertoire.  With regular weekly rehearsals, I'm super-happy with how things are progressing.

Overall, it's been an exciting few months and this year is shaping up to be fun and exciting as well.