Aria Ocarina Releasing Soon!

After a few delays - the 12 hole Aria is set for release and the 2 octave Aria is in its final prototype stages.  There were some difficulties with the key manufacturing, so a delay was inevitable.

The 12 hole aria will initially be released in a matte black.  A black and green stripe pattern  version is expected in a few weeks.



The photo below is of the final prototype of the 12 hole Aria :


Aria Prototype 12 Hole


As you can see, it has a curved tapered end.  This is to facilitate ocarina stability when playing the highest 3 notes.  It also has a slightly angled and elongated mouthpiece.  The elongation stabilizes the tone and while the tapering an the curve provide an excellent grip for the ring and pinky finger.  A full demonstration and explanation of the ocarinas features will be provided when Cris completes her STL Overview of the ocarina.