Bach to Books Concert

With nearly 200 people in attendance and 1 in 5 walking away with a CD, the concert was a huge success.   Cris played 55 minutes of music and spoke about ocarina history and gave context about the music for roughly 15.  Performing music from 7 countries, she gave the audience a wonderful tour of the ocarina world and a little bit of an ocarina education.  Even after listening to Cris perform 18 pieces, the audience still wanted more.  After the show, audience members purchased CDs and lined up on stage to have Cris sign them and to learn a bit more about the ocarina.  



Strangely enough, Cris' performance wasn't the only ocarina concert that night in the DFW area.  Cris discovered the other concert via WRR 101.1 and sent him a message via Facebook.  After arriving home, she recieved a message from him.  He had actually been planning to get in contact with her to invite her to perform at the Winter Celebration in December.  Last years event drew a crowd of over a 1000 people so this year they are splitting it into 2 nights and will accommodate 700 peopel each night.  Needless to say, Cris was very excited and has accepted the invitation and is looking forward to being able to perform in front of such a large crowd and the new friends she will make.  




Note:  A video of this performance will be available online in the near future.