New Products Coming Soon!

Cris' debut CD, An Ocarina Overture, is set to release any day now.  The master files and artwork have been sent for production and now it is just a matter of a week or two.  Also, the Aria ocarina is currently en route to the United States.  The next step will be photography, promotion, and an overview.  But wait! there's more.  A 2nd offering of the ocarina shaped 2GB usb drives will be appearing in the shop soon.  They will contain Cris' new album, as well as accompaniment tracks.  The Final thing in development is the ocarina themed t-shirts.  They are still in the art phase, but once the art is finalized, production will begin very soon.

Because of the diversity of the products and as a way of saying thank you to her fans, Cris hopes to create a specially priced bundle of these products, which will include an autographed CD, a t-shirt, a usb drive, and the Aria ocarina.   Pricing has not yet been decided and will be dependent upon supply availability and agreements with her distribution partners.